To help contribute to the goal of fostering the spirit of unity in the community, Bahá’ís host study circles. These are gatherings that bring small groups of people together to explore the Bahá’í teachings and offer acts of service to the community.

Study circles are held in a variety of informal settings. They are facilitated by a tutor whose primary role, contrary to that of a teacher, is to guide the discussion between the participants and ensure the environment in the group is one of inclusion, respect and unity. Participants benefit from consultation with others and a cooperative spirit of collective learning.

Bahá’ís welcome everyone, regardless of their beliefs, to join study circles. Study circles aim to:

  • foster a devotional character within a community through prayer and meditation
  • strengthen bonds of friendship
  • make the education of children and support of young people an integral part of community life
  • help participants develop skills, knowledge and spiritual insights that can assist them in contributing to social transformation.

The first study circle book in the sequence of courses is called “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit” and shares about the soul, prayer, and life after death.

“All mankind are creatures and servants of the one God. The surface of the earth is one home; humanity is one family and household. Distinctions and boundaries are artificial, human. Why should there be discord and strife among men? All must become united and coordinated in service to the world of humanity.”

– Abdu’l-Bahá