Children classes evolve into junior youth classes when children turn 11. While still offering spiritual education, these classes dwell more on building social skills and in teaching service to the wider community as the highest form of spiritual attainment.

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (JYSEP) is a global movement inspiring young people, parents, and community members to work together toward a better world. Teens and young adults are encouraged to mentor younger peers aged 11 to 15. Together they study materials based around moral and spiritual concepts, and talk about how to navigate a complex world, resist negative forces in their lives, and promote social progress. Participants engage in in meaningful conversations, arts and crafts, and youth-led service projects. Mentors also build friendships with parents and gain practical skills such as lesson planning and coordination.

Inspired and sponsored by the Bahá’í Faith, the program thrives through the participation and contribution of people from diverse backgrounds and is open to all.

“Among the young ones in the community are those known as junior youth, who… represent a special group with special needs as they are somewhat in between childhood and youth when many changes are occurring within them. Creative attention must be devoted to involving them in programs of activity that will engage their interests, mold their capacities for teaching and service, and involve them in social interaction with older youth.”

– The Universal House of Justice