Townsville Bahá’í Community

Ye are the fruits of one tree!
News and Calendar 
upcoming events: 
next year will be 200 years from the birth of the báb. expect great things!

regular events:
An alcohol and tobacco free bbq is held every Friday starting 6.30pm at the bahá’í centre. everyone is invited. bring a plate to share.

courses called ‘reflections on the life of the spirit’ are available on demand. minimum number needed is 5 people. course booklet is $10.

The Bahá’í Community of Townsville is a small but vibrant community of dedicated individuals and families, working to promote unity and fellowship throughout Townsville and surrounding regions.

In keeping with all Bahá’ís around the globe, we oppose all forms of prejudice, and strive to put into practice Bahá'u'lláh's teaching that:

"Ye are all fruits of one tree, the leaves of one branch, the flowers of one garden.... Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship."


Welcome to the Townsville Bahá’í Community!

The Bahá’í Community is a relaxed group of people that welcome everybody who may want to join.
There are 3 ways you can associate with our community:
            👣1) Casual participation to our events and activities.
            👣2) Working with us in our universal, world-wide program for the spiritualisation of the planet. 
This program unfolds mainly in neighbourhoods where people of good will run Children Classes, promote and animate Junior Youth Development Programs, hold Devotional Meetings open to all and run training courses (Study Circles), aimed at giving individuals skills and capacity to serve their neighbourhoods and communities (see our Local Bahá'í Activities page for more details).
These activities are open to all and no affiliation is required or expected.
Bahá’ís aim to be friendly, open and welcoming to all.
            👣3) Becoming a Bahá'í simply means recognising the divine origin of the Bahá'í Teachings and wanting to follow its tenets working together with the rest of the Bahá'í world. There are no rituals in the Bahá'í Faith so this process only implies filling up a membership card that is then submitted to our National Body for approval.

Other prerequisites to joining are:
        -Have to be human (just kidding)
        -Willing to accept that all religions are divinely inspired and part of God's plan to educate humankind through time
        -Recognise Bahá'u'lláh as the latest Messenger of God for an era of unity
        -Believe all humans are fundamentally equal and potentially noble
        -Be excited about working towards a united world civilisation

Other Bahá’í principles and beliefs
Apart from the points above, Bahá’ís follow a set of principles that make them unique:
    ☀Independent search for truth
    👣Equality of Women and Men
   ☀ Elimination of all sorts of prejudices, especially race and cast
    👣All children need spiritual, social and scientific education. Girls have precedence to boys in this
    👣Service is the highest form of human endeavour
    👣Partisan politics is not democracy. The world needs to evolve new, better forms of democracy
    👣Consultation is the best tool for problem solving
    👣Science and Religion are two sides of one coin and need to harmonise
    👣Diversity is essential to growth. It needs to be embraced
    👣A world government is essential to ensure every human being around the globe gets a fair go, not just the rich and the privileged
    👣An auxiliary universal language will be an early but important step to establishing world unity
    👣One world currency will salvage the world economy
    👣Earth's resources belong to God. They are given to us all to share
    👣Alcohol and drugs halt spiritual progress

This is where we are! Come visit!!